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Porsche 918 RSR Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show


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2011 Porsche 918 RSR Detroit Auto Show 2011 The 2011 Detroit Auto Show just kicked off with a blast as Porsche rolled out its brand new 918 RSR hybrid supercar. The racer’s sexy sculpted carbon fiber exterior conceals a 563 horsepower, 10,300 rpm v8 engine coupled with two front-wheel drive electric motors for a total […]


David Beckham Switch from Porsche to a Chevy Camaro

Celebrity Car David Beckham Switch from Porsche to a Camaro When he moved to the United States to follow the football league over there, David Beckham showed his identity as a footballer in the land of Uncle Sam. How ? He is selling a his metta black Porsche and replaced with U.S. muscular sedan, Chevrolet Camaro […]