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Porsche Tuning: Eterniti Artemis Porsche Cayenne Turbo unveiled


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  Porsche tuning news: U.K.-based Porsche Tuning company Eterniti has unveiled the production version of the Artemis SUV that was displayed as a close-to-production concept in Beijing, China, earlier this year. Eterniti hired ex- Jaguar engineer Alistair Macqueen and ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert to help develop the SUV.  It is powered by a Porsche Cayenne Turbo-sourced 4.8-liter V8 that has been tuned to make […]


Porsche Cayenne :Armored Car by Red Jacket

Red Jacket Armored car Porsche Cayenne         Armored car: The Red Jacket crew shows off the firing power of this armored car – Porsche Cayenne!  


Is that Porsche Cayenne made the Financial crisis in Greece?

Porsche financial Financial crisis in Greece Jubilation about the German deal to save the euro could prove short-lived if fresh news of Greek tax evasion gains wider currency. There are more Porsche Cayennes registered in Greece than taxpayers declaring an income of 50,000 euros (£43,800) or more, according to research by Professor Herakles Polemarchakis, former […]


Celebrity car: Lauren Conrad and her black Porsche Cayenne

Celebrity car Lauren Conrad Black Porsche Cayenne We’ve certainly seen American television personality Lauren Conrad (born February 1, 1986) in her fair share of cars over the years and even though The Hills is no longer on t.v. her clothing line is obviously treating her well. Lauren Conrad was recently spotted in this new black Porsche Cayenne. We’re guessing she’ll probably be able to […]


Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne – best-selling Porsche in China

Porsche Financial Best-selling Porsche in China Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne What’s the best-selling Porsche model in China? Hint: It has four doors, not two. Like most luxury carmakers, Porsche has grown fast in China, though its most popular car in the country isn’t its speedy Porsche 911 sports car but its four-door Porsche Panamera […]


Porsche financial: Porsche the global market leader for hybrid off-road vehicles

Porsche Financial Porsche the global market leader for hybrid off-road vehicles Recently from a report, Porsche delivered significantly more cars to customers worldwide in June 2011. Deliveries increased by 29.5% compared with the same month the year before to reach 10,677 vehicles. The sports car manufacturer delivered a total of 60,659 new vehicles in the […]


Porsche Financial: Porsche AG will boost production of the Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Financial Porsche AG will boost production of the Porsche Cayenne Porsche AG will boost production of the Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicle next year after surging deliveries of the sports-car maker’s best-selling model spurred a 37 percent sales gain in the first half. Cayenne output will increase by 10 percent to 20 percent starting in […]


Porsche Tuning: Gemballa Porsche Cayenne Tornado GTS 750

Porsche Tuning – Cayenne Tuning Gemballa Porsche Cayenne Tornado GTS 750 Porsche’s Tuning company GEMBALLA GmbH are proud to announce the debut of the TORNADO, based on the new Porsche Cayenne 958. This exciting car is significant not only because it is the first creation of GEMBALLA GmbH, but also because its light and strong […]


Porsche review: 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Tiptronic First drive

First drive Porsche review Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Tiptronic Last year Porsche introduced a gasoline-electric hybrid version of its Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicle. The parallel hybrid system can run in fully electric or gasoline modes independently, as well as a combination of the two. The electric motor boosts power from the V-6 supercharged gasoline engine to […]


Photo of Rose McGowan and her black Porsche Cayenne

Celebrity car Photo of Rose McGowan black Porsche Cayenne Actress Rose McGowan (born September 5, 1973) was spotted walking back to her black Porsche Cayenne in Los Angeles recently. Looks like she has pretty good taste in cars. We have to say we like her even more now that we know what she drives! [from:]